In June 2013, the UN  High Commissioner for Human Rights published a report on killings in the conflict from May 2011 to April 2013. Using seven databases maintained by Syrian human rights monitors, and one database maintained by the Syrian government, 92,901 victims were identified .

Killings per monthThe report recognized two principal sources of error. One was the risk that certain victims had been counted twice despite efforts to identify duplicate reports. The other was that many victims were likely to be missing from the documentation. Since the study discovered that many victims were reported in only one of the sources, it seemed highly probable that a large proportion was missing from all of the sources.

On July 25, 2013, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that the death toll in Syria had surpassed 100,000. Ban called on the Syrian government and opposition to halt the violence.

In January 2014, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights declared that it had stopped updating the death toll from Syria’s civil war. A spokesperson for the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, blamed the failure to provide new figures on the organization’s own lack of access on the ground in Syria and its inability to verify “source material” from others.

Other human rights monitors have continued to keep track of victims, however,  and the  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has presented the following figures from 18/03/2011  to 31/03/2014:

Total deaths: 162,402
Civilians: 80,836, among which  8,607 children .

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates the real number of casualties to be much higher, far above 200,000.

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